Easter Brunch

In our family, we do brunch.  We do brunch for Christmas, for Thanksgiving, for Easter….Brunch is amazing.  Who doesn’t want brunch?

We’ve got a delicious Easter brunch menu for you!  Simplify your Easter morning without sacrificing good food.  Get your pre-orders in so that you can just pick up your brunch food on Saturday evening (March 26th).  That way, all you have to do Sunday morning is pop your food in the oven to reheat it.  By the time you clean up the tiny plastic easter grass that your kids managed to spread all over the house, your food will be heated and ready to eat.  No sweat off your back!

2016 Easter Brunch Menu

As always, feel free to e-mail or call us with any questions.  Order soon!  If we don’t hear from you, happy Easter!

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